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Services | Tomorrow Lab

Our Approach

By combining the disciplines of Brand Strategy, Product Design, and Engineering, we tame emerging technologies and align teams and bringing new ideas to life. We call this Holistic Innovation.

Feature Strategy

Your product makes promises. Its features must deliver on them. Through our Feature Strategy approach, we prototype design elements and user touchpoints to create products that keeps their promises.

Technology Strategy

In the hardware space, the careful selection of technologies and components is vital to the viability of your product. We balance business cases, price driving features, and manufacturing processes to design a strong market fit for your brand.

Product Architecture

Beautiful products are designed from the inside-out and the outside-in. Product Architecture is the core of our craft where we obsessively design every detail, precisely place each component, and craft every touchpoint.

Three Core Offerings

Our offerings are prototype driven. Tomorrow Lab’s goal is to interrogate ideas and make them as real as possible, as fast as possible. We utilize this approach in our short and long term offerings including full-day Workshops, six to eight week Innovation Sprints, and six month to twelve month Product Development processes.

  • Workshop (~1 Day)

Holistic Innovation is about aligning stakeholders and finding opportunities in the tensions between their needs. Our half-day and full-day workshops are designed around activities to invent new features and generate new ideas.

  • Purpose
  • Align Needs & Feature Sets
  • Typical Clients
  • Hardware Accelerator
  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • inside a Global Brand
  • Typical Outcomes
  • Redefined Product Concept
  • New Features
  • Technology Research Plan
  • Development Plan
  • Innovation Sprint (~6 Weeks)

We believe a prototype in the hand is worth 10 Power Points on the screen towards developing your idea. In a design and innovation sprint, Tomorrow Lab combines our design engineers with your cross-functional team to turn problems into opportunities and solutions into working prototypes complete with brand strategy and a full feature set.

  • Purpose
  • Accelerate Product Concepts
  • Typical Clients
  • Nascent Startup Venture
  • Innovation or Product Group
  • Advertising Agency
  • Typical Outcomes
  • Industrial Design Direction
  • Product Brand Strategy
  • Proof-of-Concept
  • Integrated Technology Prototype
  • Production Development (~6 Months)

From developing consumer insights to prototyping new technologies to assembling and testing the first production unit, Tomorrow Lab is hands-on with the full development process. The outcomes can range from a first works-like looks-like prototype to share with investors, to a 2,000 unit pilot production run to be used in market testing.

  • Purpose
  • Design & Develop a Market-Ready Product
  • Typical Clients
  • Venture-backed Hardware Startup
  • Disruptive Product Team
  • inside a Global Brand
  • Typical Outcomes
  • Feature Strategy
  • Technology Strategy
  • Product Architecture
  • Electronic & Mechanical Assets
  • Works-like Looks-like Prototype
  • Pilot Production Run

Work With Us

Tomorrow Lab works closely with companies of all sizes, from startups to global brands, to help bring their physical product ideas to life. With our prototype-driven approach, our goal is to interrogate ideas and make them as real as possible, as fast as possible. Let’s work together.