Rally Charge Cable
A Charging Cable with a Twist
A Charging Cable with a Twist

Rally Power increases mobile engagement by connecting with customers at relevant moments. One of the fundamental pieces of Rally's offerings is a smart charging cable which requires an associated App and a few taps in order to provide a charge to the customer's phone. For the businesses providing the charge (a coffee shop, restaurant, or car service), these few taps are a critical data collection and/or advertising moment. For the the customer, usage rewards can accumulate when charging at repeat locations.

Tomorrow Lab lead the electrical engineering and firmware development for both iOS and Android versions of the Rally Cable. Tomorrow Lab is an MFI (Made For iPhone / iPad) certified company, allowing us to develop and manufacture Apple accessories.

In 2016, Rally participated as one of the portfolio companies in the first class of the Virgin Media Accelerator Powered by Techstars.

Electrical Engineering
Firmware Development

Concept Overview

Here's how they work: Rally cables will automatically prompt your users to engage with your app and reward them for the experience.

The cable will charge a dead phone for free, but as soon as the phone turns on, the device launches the Rally App on the user's phone. If the user does not yet have the App, they are brought to the download page in the App Store. After downloading and launching the App, the user is prompted to watch an advertisement, answer a quick preferences survey, or just tap 'OK'. The phone then starts charging.

Since we developed both Android and iOS versions of the cable, Rally can support 95% of all mobile devices in the world. From cabs to ride-shares, trains, pubs, restaurants and hotels, Rally cables can work anywhere in the world.