An Eco-friendly Cleaning System
Creating an Eco-friendly Cleaning System

Genesan, founded in 2006, is one of the leading sources of high-performance, ecological, and biotechnological cleaning products in the United States. Genesan enjoys a unique partnership with Pollet, a world leader in developing and manufacturing bio-based and biologically engineered cleaning solutions since 1788. Pollet prides themselves in continued innovations to ensure that we are able to distribute the most effective, economical, and sustainable products and practices available. Both companies firmly believe in achieving a complete clean without compromising the health of the user, building occupants, or the environment.

In continued spirit of Genesan's bio-based philosophy, Tomorrow Lab engaged in a 10 week hands-on design and prototyping sprint to generate new methods of dispensing their tablet cleaner, 'Enzy'. Enzy is a green concentrated tablet, the size of a gumdrop, and is dissolved in a bottle of water to create an effective cleaning solution. This concentrated cleaning product is not only bio-friendly due to its biological enzyme formula, but also as a concentrate, it saves on shipping weight and volume costs to its end customers.

Phase 0 Product Invention
Product Strategy
Industrial Design
Product Architecture
Mechanical Engineering

Innovation Process

Enzy tablets are sold in 10-tablet bottles. Although not toxic to fingers, the experience of picking each tablet out of the bottle created friction points when compared to the experience of using other cleaning products. Therefore, the goal of this design sprint was to generate one or more packaging products to quickly dispense the Enzy cleaning tablets into a spray bottle without touching the tablets.

Tomorrow Lab started by brainstorming a number of concepts then rapidly prototyping the most promising concepts. The solutions ranged from disposable to more durable products.

Mechanical Development

After experimentation and feedback from the client, we moved forward with the leading idea of a spring-loaded, hand-held instrument.

We created a two-part plastic design in which the first: a handle to hold the 10 tablets, and the second, a plastic 'kicker' mechanism that acts as a cap and and ejects each tablet with the press of a button.

Final Prototype

In order to reach the final prototype, we improved the kicker mechanism by moving away from a plastic spring, and instead favored a metal compression spring. We also eliminated the plastic cap to both reduce the product's part count, and because the tablets are held safely inside the handle until the button is pressed.

We delivered a set of final looks-like, works-like prototypes carrying the client's brand name. Genesan used these prototypes internally to gather validation and user feedback.