Wireless, clamp-on water flow sensors
Providing Water-Use Intelligence

Lotik Labs' smart system of wireless sensors provide low-cost point-of-use water monitoring and metering to track usage and detect plumbing risks before they happen. Owners of apartment buildings or homeowners themselves can outfit one room or an entire home with the sensors in order to gain realtime insights into their water usage, as well as valuable indications of oncoming plumbing problems.

Over the course of one year, Tomorrow Lab worked with Lotik Lab’s team to develop the product strategy, mechanical architecture, industrial design, electronics, and firmware for the first version of the product. After several rounds of prototyping, we delivered a pilot production of 200 units for field testing. The project finished with a design refinement round to further integrate the learnings from pilot production and real-world testing.

3 Phase Product Development
Product Strategy
Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Firmware Development
Performance Validation


Prototype 1
Tomorrow Lab delivered several hundred sensors to Lotik for private beta