Enabling Secure Biometric Authentication
Understanding Biometric Security

Tomorrow Lab engaged with HYPR Corp to develop an off-device biometric authentication method that utilizes a fingerprint identification sensor more sophisticated than the ones found on Apple devices. Tomorrow Lab designed and developed the housing and a 3.7mm thick Bluetooth-enabled fingerprint reader, which enables secure use of your Biometric-One-Time-Password (BOTP). The circuit is wrapped in a tamper-proof casing that can be attached onto any mobile device, laptop, or keychain. By utilizing the HYPR platform, users can authenticate actions without ever transmitting data across cyber space.

The HYPR Token is secure, convenient, and blends seamlessly with either individual users, or across large organizations. The biometric signature combines public key cryptography and interoperable biometric matching algorithms embedded on modern devices to create a secure platform with just the swipe of your fingerprint.

In addition to seeing through the hardware development and first-run manufacturing, Tomorrow Lab also revamped the company's brand identity, and created a market-ready package design.

Product Development Phases 1-4
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Design
Design for Manufacture
Software Development
Firmware Development
Packaging Design

Design Concept & Product Architecture

Understanding the need for a device that requires absolute security, reliability, and ease of use helped Tomorrow Lab determine the concept design of the HYPR Token, including flawless integration of the fingerprint swiper. The swiper software comes equipped with a False Rejection Rate (FRR) of less than 3%, which allows for multiple attempts to swipe the correct fingerprint without compromising the security threshold. Using a 3D prototype of the token and three variables for testing, including start, speed and pressure, we conducted ergonomic testing of the fingerprint sensor to confirm FRR and direction of the housing design.

The Product Architecture and Interaction Design allows users to integrate the HYPR Token to their daily lives with minimal interruption while maintaining security. As thin as three credit cards stacked, the HYPR Token can be mounted to your device, worn on a keychain, or stored in your wallet.

Electrical Engineering

With custom PCB development here at Tomorrow Lab, and partnered firmware creation, the commercially available SDK is easy to deploy, yet tamper-proof. Two standard coin cell batteries allow the device to last over 1 year with up to 6 uses per day, and the power consumption when connecting to your devices is minimal.

Branding & Packaging

Tomorrow Lab executed a complete custom brand identity to include the logo, color and font. This included brand exercises utilizing patterns found in technology and nature, as well as exploration of existing and imagined shapes and colors. As each fingerprint has its own identity, we looked to tesseract patterns to create an identity unique to each user.

In keeping with the Industrial Design and Product Architecture, user feedback, and brand understanding we aimed to create an experience that mirrored the experience of enabling the HYPR Token on the user’s device. A clean, simple package to hold the most secure biometric device the Internet of Things has ever seen.

When we began the work to design market-ready packaging, we looked to all known packaging requirements to determine the best way to deliver the token to market; including researching existing technology mega-brands such as Apple and Google’s use of subtle, yet intriguing package details. The new logo and color theme were easy drivers in understanding how to unpackage the token, and create simple instructions for use.