The Bump
Rapid, Secure Charging for Mobile Devices

The Bump, now known as the Bright Box, is a fully-functional alpha prototype developed for a New York based startup looking to bring easy, secure mobile device charging to bars, gyms, and movie theaters across the nation.

The device allows the user to use their credit card as their key, eliminating any need for token or keys. This prototype uses a memory card system to record user data for analyzing usage patterns, frequency, and lengths of charges.

Future versions will allow instant billing of the card over a secure wireless connection.

Tomorrow Lab conducted all industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software programing of the device including custom circuit board design and build-out, micro-controller programming, electronic component acquisition and testing, UI design, and electronics assembly. We lead the physical industrial design and fabrication oversight of the powder-coated sheet metal housing, mechanics, and machine aluminum casing of the device.

Bright Box
Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Software Programming
Fabrication Oversight
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