Buca Boot
A Bike Trunk for All Your Stuff

Buca Boot combines the flexibility of a bike basket with the storage security of a car trunk. You can ride without worrying about your stuff! If you're like us, you can appreciate the ability of having a secure place to store personal items while you enjoy the freedom of by riding a bike in a city. Keep an extra pair of shoes, a rain jacket, or your picnic feast secure as you roll around.

Tomorrow Lab lead the industrial design, mechanism development, prototyping and manufacturing support of the Buca Boot bike trunk in preparation for their crowdsourcing campaign.

The Buca Boot project was a collaboration between Tomorrow Lab and Graphic Design and Branding firm, Guts and Glory.

The Buca Boot is available to order here.

Product Development Phase 1-4 Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Design
Manufacturing Support
Soft Goods Design
Buca Boot

Scaled 3D printed models allow refinement of the mechanism to create smoother and sturdier performance of opening and closing.
Testing stain options. Teak oil takes the prize.