In-Flight Entertainment System for Jets

The SkyFlix system is an entertainment system in a box, designed exclusively for private, mid-size, and small-size jets. Stream video content to iPads, then recharge the iPads when they are re-inserted into the box. The box even charges the iPads when there is no incoming power, thanks to onboard batteries.

An enormous amount of sophisticated electronics are packed inside this box to provide video streaming. It houses 8 Apple iPad Minis, a WiFi server, and a micro-sized computer for streaming up to 1000GB of video files. On-board Nickel–metal hydride batteries (NiMH) allow the box to recharge the iPads even while the power provided by the jet is absent. This is a crucial feature that reduces the down-time of the system between flights, since no power is available to recharge the iPads when the jet's engines are off.

The electronic systems are also met with clever mechanical design. A custom retract and eject mechanism - like those you find in expensive italian cabinets - are built-in to accept and present each iPad. Push the iPad in to charge, then push it again to eject. A sliding metal tambour door conveniently hides and protects the iPads when the system is not in use or is being transported between planes. The box itself is 26.8 pounds (12.2 kg).

Light-pipes surround each iPad, indicating their level of charge. The iPads can be gang-synced using one cable on the rear of the box.

Product Development Phase 1-3 Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Industrial Design
Multiple private jets were toured in New Jersey and New York to provide a proper basis for design inspiration and dimensional and weight constraints. Shown here is a mid-size jet, capable of carrying over a dozen passengers and at the upper end of our aircraft focus.
The smallest size jets, meant to carry 2-4 passengers, are at the lower end of our aircraft focus.