Ninja Bottle
Device to Share Your Happiness

The Ninja Bottle is a collaborative project between New York City-based Tomorrow Lab and Sydney Australia-based technology company, Ninja Blocks.

The Ninja Bottle is a device for 'Sharing Happiness'. The NinjaBlocks Platform enables wireless communication from anyone, anywhere, directly to your bottle. Friends can push short messages to your bottle: "Goooooal!" , "Congrats!" , "How Are You?"

The device consists of a custom battery-powered circuit stack developed by Tomorrow Lab. Each layer on the circuit stack uses a MAX7219 LED matrix driver to drive the LEDs along the periphery of each disk. The entire stack is driven by one XBee wireless radio module and a rechargeable LiPo battery.

The LED stack fits neatly inside a special bottle reminiscent of a familiar beverage which can live on your desk or windowsill.

Industrial Design
Electrical Engineering
Software Programming
Round LED boards were designed to daisy-chain, and be driven from an XBee receiving Serially-communicated phrases.
Testing the unit as we assemble each layer.