Personal Shaving Cup

The Bonsai is a personal shaving device providing four benefits over typical bathroom sink shaving: a better shave, less mess, water savings, and portability options.

Tomorrow Lab partnered with the Blackpine Company to develop the Bonsai. Using blasts of water from a powerful water pump integrated into the base, the Bonsai quickly washes razor blades by recycling just a few ounces of water. With the help of a 2-stage water filtering process, hairs are removed from the water while beneficial surfactants from the shaving cream are kept in circulation. Your shave becomes better throughout the shaving process.

The benefits extend beyond the cleaning process. A quick rinse of the filter prevents hair mess from spreading out around your bathroom sink. Razor blades become dull from oxidation, and the Bonsai's method of water recirculation helps coats the blades in oxidation-resistant oils, extending their life. The small size of the Bonsai - no bigger than a coffee cup - makes it a great travel product for shaving on the go or in places where running water is not available.

For women, the Bonsai allows an easier reach for blade cleaning over shaving in the shower.

The Bonsai device is battery powered from a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery, offering at least 1 week of daily shaving between charges.

Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Tomorrow Lab was contracted to produce 8 samples of the Bonsai for production trials. This involved developing a design and method for fabricating custom copper-etched membrane switches to control the unit.