Wine Shipment Tracker

Barolo is a cell-networked tracking device that reports realtime GPS coordinates, temperature data, and humidity data for international shipments of wine. When a Barolo device is included alongside a box or shipping pallet of wine, it allows the shipment's stakeholders to track and view the location, temperature, and humidity conditions of the shipment via a web interface.

Data is liberating. Used as both a quality adherence and tracking tool, Barolo gives wine shippers and receivers added value and peace-of-mind in knowing that their product will arrive on time and under proper conditions that could otherwise effect the flavor and quality of the product.

Tomorrow Lab lead the User Research, Industrial Design, and Mechanical Engineering of the product's housing. A careful analysis of the stakeholders involved in wine shipments (cellar manager and exporter, importer, shipment receiver, and retailer) revealed that the device's form language should communicate authority, precision, ease of use, durability, and a bit of elegance.

The end result combines a machined alumnium base and laser-engraved letters for durability with a translucent acrylic cap and clear view of onboard status lights. One large, conspicuous button allows the shipment receiver to send an SMS status update to the central data server at any time.

Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
The process began with research and visualization of the shipping procedure of the wine. Envisioning the full use of the product and its multiple stakeholders allowed Tomorrow Lab to better address the design affordances.
Rigorous form design explorations addressed translation of affordances and product semantics into proposals for an iconic form language.