A 24 Hour Music Experience

DIURNO is a portable music device with no controls except for volume control. The entire housing is designed to be a dial, so that when placed on a table, turning the housing controls the volume of the outputted music.

Unlike other music players, plugging your headphones in and out of the unit is like opening and closing a door into another world where the music is always playing. Each device (released in a limited series) contains one 24 hour music track that has the effect of 'always playing'. Like a good late-night radio program, it means you must wake up early or stay up late to hear certain parts. It means your commute to work and to home will have a reliable soundtrack. It means rhythms in your life will be revealed through revisiting DIURNO.

The unit has an internal rechargeable battery and is rechargeable via the headphone jack.

Tomorrow Lab lead the industrial design, mechanical engineering, design for manufacture, and electronic functionality planning for the device.

DIURNO is a collaboration with PARTE , a New York based idea house who previously created Playbutton.

Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Product Development Renderings
Product Development Renderings
The underside of the device is a molded silicone pad, showing the artist and album info.
The molded silicone pad is possible with an in-mold insert.
1:1 scale prototypes were printed on the Makerbot to understand physical scale.