Lung Strength Training Game

Spiro turns your iPhone or iPad into a health gaming device for increasing your lung strength.

Similar to a spirometer, Spiro works by measuring the inspiratory (inhaling) and expiratory (exhaling) forces created by your lungs. An air pressure sensor inside the unit reads the pressure offsets created by your breathing and are transmitted to the iPhone/iPad for gameplay. The data is used to incentivize a fun exercise experience for athletes, children, and others looking to improve their lung strength.

The device itself offers 10 levels of air resistance via 10 different sizes of air holes in the base dial of the device. These varying levels of resistance correspond to game levels in the iPad/iPhone app. The device contains no batteries and is powered completely from the iPhone or iPad. The power consumption is very low.

Tomorrow Lab conducted the Electrical Breadboarding & Engineering, Mechanical Breadboarding & Engineering, Industrial Design, and Prototyping for the Spiro device. Tomorrow Lab worked with Saturnine Games, LLC of New Jersey to develop the software.

Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Custom circuit boards were developed for the prototypes.
Many sensor types were tested during the development of the device.
Early breadboard prototypes were made to confirm communication with an iPhone.