About Digital Community Billboards

WeSee.Us is a digital community billboard, first executed in Atlanta Georgia in 2008, then later in the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2010.

WeSee.Us is a social tool that uses digital graffiti to build communities. It anonymously and publicly shares live, user-defined, community-driven content in order to communicate, share ideas, and inspire those around you. It seizes the communicative power of large-scale imagery in public space (i.e. billboards) and puts it in the hands of the local community.

WeSee.Us couples together multiple existing technologies: a projector, a special web page, and cell phone cameras. From their cell phones, users can instantly share images from their cell phones by emailing the photos to a specific email address.

Visit http://wesee.us to see it work. Once there, click anywhere on the webpage to view the Archives and see what everyone else has been submitting. Submissions are completely anonymous but if you want to identify yourself, put your name in the email’s SUBJECT.

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