Remote Remote
About Extending Remotes

Remote Remote is a web-enabled remote for a projector.

The device solves a simple problem: enabling a programmed on/off schedule for a device like a television or projector.

In our process, we hacked an IR-remote control for a Mitsubishi XD550U overhead projector, integrating an Arduino with a WiFly shield into the mix. This enabled the remote to join the local Wifi network, and become accessible from other devices on the same WiFi network.

Next, the Arduino was programmed to serve-up a web page to any web browser pointed to it. This meant an iPhone, iPad, or a desktop computer's browser could access the remote through a web page and control its functions. For this case, we first enabled the user to virtually 'press' the ON and STANDBY buttons on the remote in realtime. We also built in an 'alarm clock', where the user could set a time to have the Arduino automatically turn the projector ON or to STANDBY.

The end result is a remote control that lives its life pointed at a ceiling-mounted projector, enabling ON/OFF control of the device from a web browser. In essence, it is a Remote Remote.

The code to execute the project is available for download on the right.

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