Web-Enabled, Water Saving, Shaving

PENROSE is a web-enabled shaving device that allows users to get a better shave while tracking their shaving habits and more.

The device is designed to live in your bathroom and provide a hot shave experience, similar to a barber shop. Upon putting your razer inside the chamber, an intense washing fluid effectively cleans and lubricates your blade. The device contains a reservoir of water which it recycles and cleans, making it more water efficient than filling a bathroom sink with water, and reduces the mess left behind in your sink. An easy to clean filter allows the user to empty the shavings at a later time.

Penrose is part of a new class of devices: ones that are connected to the web without the use of an intermediary computer. Seconds after powering up, the device is connected to the web where it retrieves the user's preference settings from the web (like heater temperature and wash length) and also relays information about its use during the shave (like time spent shaving, frequency of blade washings). The data is available for review via a web-based dashboard through which the user is also able to purchase bathroom products like shaving creme, soaps, blades, and razors.

From the company's perspective, the aggregated data collected from the users of devices provides unprecedented value around the shaving habits for thousands of people.

Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
Electronics Engineering
The Penrose device is connected to the web via WiFi, where it logs its use and receives system settings. A unique web dashboard allows each user to tailor their device's settings and see an overview of how much water they've saved over traditional shaving techniques. Product recommendations are pushed to the user, allowing relevant and convenient ordering of new supplies.
Early proof-of-concept prototype made with a lab pump, servo, and spray head. Here we studied the efficacy of different sprayheads, timing, and movement of the spray head.