iPhone Projector Stand
About Consolidating Devices

Shown here is a prototype for a next-generation Overhead Projector. The stand uses only an iPhone and data projector commonly found in offices or classrooms, eliminating the need for a bulky overhead projector. Since the iPhone Projector Stand uses light from above (not below like an overhead projector), it does not require transparencies/acetate to be used as the writing surface.

Using Apple’s $30 VGA Adapter (link), you can use your iPhone 4 as an overhead projector. Using the cable, connect your iPhone directly to a digital projector, then launch the iPhone’s camera app to start a live feed of what your iPhone sees.

This lasercut stand assembles without the need for glue or fastners, and disassembles into 4 pieces in seconds for storage or transport. It has been designed to exactly frame an 8.5 x 11” piece of paper, allowing handwritten notes, live sketching demos, pages from an open book, or even science experiments to be projected in a meeting, classroom, or at home.

Industrial Design
Download the Laser Cut file